Constantly up-to-date, Ziza Style Habits regains ideas from the past to nurture a creative inspiration which goes through time and looks at the future, combining tradition and modernity.
Ziza’s philosophy is to produce the entire collection in Italy, choosing craftsmanship of local producers and high quality raw materials in order to create unique and timeless products able to give each style an original, but never intrusive touch.

Ziza is an enlightening and charming experience of creative synthesis, focused on searching new materials, care of details and the ongoing search for perfection and armony of shapes.


The new collection is made up of models realized in an innovative textile, made from pineapple leaves fibres, 100% natural, cruelty free, vegan, sustainable, a perfect alternative to leather, aesthetically similar, while retaining similar characteristics. The models are versatile, customers can modify their appearance through shoulder straps and interchangeable handles made of natural ropes in order to customize each bag and create a more unique style.

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