4 June 2017

Who we are


Since many years I have been working in retail. In those years I have seen many changes. One of them is the influence of Internet on the market. Instead of seeing the internet as a threat I see it as an opportunity. Combine the strengths of both and both become closer. With my vision I will guide this process.


If you can’t beat them, join them! With my marketing background I have seen that the communication between the brands and the customers changed tremendously. Customers will become more and more aware of the global play. Brands can no longer hide this. Customers will find the most favourable way to shop. So, join them if you can’t beat them!


Since the social media made their entrance in the world I have been fascinated by the way it has effect on people. The world becomes more open and transparent to all. My mission is to develop our strategy in social media and inbound marketing so that everybody can find us and profit from our new way of shopping!


Alex breaths fashion! She help every costumer with dedication and passion! She will give you the best and honest advice! Wedding party, need to change, for every occasion Alex will help you and find you exactly what you need to feel beautifull and special! Alex is your personal shopper.