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Coco’n Shopping offers you the solution for retail!

To benefit most from the combination of an Internet and Stone Shop you can become selected member of Coco’n Shopping and choose the way you want to be sold in our Coco’n Shopping shops.
As a member you can present your collection, or part of your collection in a shop of Coco’n Shopping on specially designed units that can be used for hanging and or shelving. Each unit measures 92 cm width and 190 cm height and can also be a combination of hanging and shelving.

What do we do for your brand?
All Coco’n Shopping shops are located in the better shopping areas. This can be in the city centre or in specialized shopping malls. The shops are staffed by motivated, qualified and friendly staff, equipped with the latest (proven successful) technology to support sales. The surface is between 50 m2 to 120 m2 and a pleasant place to do your shopping. Your brand can be present in our shop, we do the rest!

Your brand will be in our capable hands!
As a member of Coco’n Shopping you will enjoy the liberty to sell the products you select in our shops. You choose where and when, the number of units (minimum of 2) and the time (minimum of 4 weeks, maximum of 12 weeks*). With a secure link to your real time stock position (or the part of the stock you want to sell) you can sell more than only the articles physically available in the shops. Payment will be done in the shop, the articles will be collected by the client, and if returned, always via the shop.

Selling at retail prices in places you dream of!
Do you want to sell your brand in a medium high-end shop in Nice, in Berlin, Barcelona, Utrecht, Miami or any other major shopping area?
Do you want to test your brand or a new line in Stockholm, Brighton, Melbourne or Moscow?
Do you want to sell directly to your customers?
Do you want to reduce your brand’s stock considerably?

Do you want to sell securely via internet without getting your goods returned?
Do you want to be ready for the changing way of shopping?

What does it cost and what does it bring?
The specially designed units are at a rental base. The price depends on place, season and availability. Together with the rental of the units comes an iPad with a secure link to your internet- or intranet site. The latest (proven successful) technology is there to support your brand and the sales.
You, as a brand, sell direct and secure via to your consumers. You sell at consumer prices and pay a commission to Coco’n Shopping only on realized sales.

 Become a selected member and start!

To start is easy:
– become a member
– select your city or cities where you want to be sold
– select your collection and calculate how many units you need
– sign the contract
– prepare your real time stock position
– prepare your promotional kit and press release

Prices and availability:
Contact us and so we can inform you on prices and availability. Reserving is easy by giving the dates and the number of units. Please indicate if you want hanging or shelving.

 The moment your brand has arrived in the shop the selling starts, physical and via the intranet and/or internet.

After your contract has been finished your brand may stay available in the shop of your choice. On a neutral computer the link to your intranet or internet may be kept open for clients to order from. Only a small rental fee and a commission of 20% on sales will be calculated. You keep on selling at consumer prices and profit from all benefits of Coco’n ShoppingTM.


Coco’n Shopping will open soon in other cities! Are you interested to sell your brand in:
Amsterdam, Miami, Barcelona, Moscow, Copenhagen, Munich, Prague, Melbourne, Edinburgh, Cape Town, Antwerp, Zurich, Rome or

…. in any other good shopping city?

Let us know and you will be happy to know us!



 Coco’n Shopping is a unique way to benefit from the future and the past! The concept has been created by a team of people with experience in stone shops and digital shops. A balance has been created!
The Coco’n Shopping pilot shop has opened its doors in autumn 2016 in Nice!

You also want to get started and become a Coco’n Shopping partner … 

Contact us

Welcome on board!


The solution for retail! 

5, rue de la Liberté – 06000 Nice, France


+33 6 58 616 717

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