SCAPA is a Belgian upscale luxury brand that stands for high quality, elegant and trendy fashion and interior design inspired by traditional family values, natural materials and a warm color pallet.
We strive to excel in providing our customers with the highest quality service, products and materials, thereby introducing the SCAPA World lifestyle into their everyday activities.




The word SCAPA comes from the Old Norse language and means ‘refuge’. SCAPA Flow is a bay in the Orkney Islands, to the north of Scotland. That’s where Brian Redding produced his first exclusive sweaters, which flew off the shelves in his wife Arlette Van Oost’s shop from day one.

The French fashion magazines

Elle and Marie-Claire featured a SCAPA sweater on their covers in 1967, heralding the beginning of our success story. At the time, the SCAPA collection consisted of nothing more than a couple of sweaters, a kilt and a parka. However, ten years later it had grown into a complete collection for women, men and children.

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