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Art is part of everyday life!

Art must be seen, touched and felt. To bring art close to everybody you can wear the unique creations of the French Artist NKH. All items are painted with resin-based paint, adapted to the creation. The artwork is water resistant and can be washed. All items are unique and come with a certificate of authenticity. NKH Painting art works are available at the pilot shop of Coco’n Shopping in Nice and on Internet.


The brand VICTOIRE MAY from Nice is designed, created and made in the region of Nice on the French Riviera.
Laure Cappelline and Julie Lageyre have created products of high quality that remain accessible. Mixing style and creativity to achieve a unique and flexible collection. The “Mix and Match” of the colorful “underwear” with the transparent “overwear” creates a perfect match for all kinds of occasions for many different women. Freedom to be who you are, when you want!


Myrine creates clothes for one of a kind women
Our customers are the essence of our brand: urban Amazons who cherish a personal style
that is comfortable and feminine.
Every day our team goes extreme to create an emotionally charged collection designed with love and made of high quality fabrics.


Amsterdam based AFRIEK is a young successful brand. Its unique men’s and ladies’ collection has a
modern fit and a story that suits. The original designs result from working with young designers like
Lisa Konno. The fabrics and the production of the clothes are on a fair-trade basis. The person who
has hand-tailored your vest is known so you can proudly wear the colorful items on many occasions.
AFRIEK produces also on demand if the fabrics are available.


GIACOMETTI ORIGINAL was created in the North of Italy in 1963. For over 50 years craftsmen make
clothing in cashmere, with a finish by hand. GIACOMETTI ORIGINAL strives to imagine both discreet
and elegant models. The cashmere comes from a single goat, Capra Hircus. She lives on the Tibetan
and Mongolian Highlands. To knit a single sweater you must mow at least six goats. Cashmere is a
valuable fiber that adapts to the body temperature.


Berlin based NO-SQUARE started combining passion for high-end yarns, beautiful wool and a minimalistic design. It resulted in the well-known perfect triangle scarf. Each of NO-SQUARE’s triangle scarfs is handmade. From the first loop up to the branding. Every single piece is manufactured at the Berlin based studio. The scarf’s are made with love and passion for the good things in live. They are unique. Enjoy them as you are unique too!


This collection includes classic essentials as well as trendy exotic treasures mix (bags, shoes, bucksin envelope…)
Bagus takes its origin in the indonesian word “bagus” which means good looking, ethic, useful, talented , pleasant… A perfect word telling all we invest in our collection, designed for you.

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