Myrine Antwerp

The Myrine W17 collection is all about you.

The Antwerp-based fashion brand gives a new spin on its W17 collection

Antwerp, January 9th 2015 – Today’s changing state of mind in which strong women and real beauty are celebrated, was the inspiration for the W17 collection of the Antwerp-based fashion brand. Myrine used everyday modern women as a muse and designed a collection with agile lines, easy fabrics and vivid colours in which you can be yourself. 

Myrine 2.0, that’s what the winter collection 2017 is all about: the same DNA, but with a renewed look. “ This collection is inspired by strong, intelligent and creative ladies. Just like Myrine, the queen of the amazons, but anno 2017“ describes creative director Ingrid Fouyn.

Key-elements are the carefully selected comfortable, high-quality fabrics and the modern-day designs with clean lines that are still totally Myrine. “By experimenting with new materials and fits we rediscovered our identity; a contemporary look with typical Myrine traits such as our homemade prints and cheerful combinations. But what I like most about this collection is that every woman can create her own style. These days personalisation is super important and I really feel that everybody can express themselves in Myrine.” explains Ingrid. The experimenting did not only bring about new ideas, but also more attractive prices. With an overall price reduction of 20%, Myrine is now even more accessible. This winter also brings us Myti, Myrine’s sister line that mainly focuses on artisanal and trendy knitwear at competitive prices.

Several eye catchers are the characteristic winter coats, super stretch slim-fits and cosy sweaters. Pure materials with homemade prints from dried flowers, sturdy belts combined with soft knits, dreamy hearts and glistering silk thread are as always indispensable for urban amazons.


About the company
Myrine was founded in 2010 by the Fouyn family. Their 29 years of experience in manufacturing and producing high-end apparel are the bedrock of this Antwerp-based brand. Today their know-how is used to create unique clothing for urban amazons and one-of-a-kind women. This magical brand can be discovered in boutiques all over Europe.

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