Llena eres de Gracia

Llena eres de Gracia is a Mexican brand inspired in the country’s colors and joy for life.

Our designer and creator, Janett Lara, combines these local elements and Latin roots with her constant need for comfort and search for innovation to deliver unique pieces that not only shine for their design, but are easy to wear.

Llena eres de Gracia started with the vision of filling the space for a brand that was really focused on today’s woman, those determined and vivacious who like to stand out.

 Summer 2018

Llena eres de Gracia’s attractiveness comes not only from its unique and exclusive designs but as well from its great fabrics selection, handcrafted details and its haute-couture, all this to create practical designs that solve with grace every day’s life moments.

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5, rue de la liberté – 06000 Nice ( France )

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