16 January 2020





Based on the French Riviera, LAMBOTT is the brand that creates premium coats made by natural materials. Our philosophy is to create sustainable clothing and to valorise the local european artisans and ateliers. This execeptional heritage of centuries of «savoir-faire» combined with only premium natural materials allows Lambott to create exclusive coats.

Every Lambott coat is an artisanal piece of art, an unique hand-made creation.


The LAMBOTT shearlings collections are a re-interpretation in a contemporary and fashionable way of the timeless shearling coats. It indulges you in beauty, warmth, and natural luxury. You can wear it everyday for work, travel or night out, LAMBOTT luxurious coats takes you everywhere!


Mentions :

  • Shearling = sheepskin, real leather, ( peaux lainées, mouton retourné)
  • Made in EU