The story of "la Môme de Monac"

 Once upon a time ... a young woman who worked for ten years for a fashion house on the Cote d’Azur….
 She decided one day to take a flight ... Nathalie, designer, finds her balance between Monaco, her country of origin and Africa that she particularly likes. Sometimes dressed in African Wax, barefoot in the ocher earth, sometimes scintillating, the spirit of champagne bubbles at a Monegasque night.
Her creations are like the signatures of paradoxes.
The story started at the corner of a table.
Salome, Nathalie's daughter, wanted to be like her mom. She said, "I'm going to draw fashion" like a child that would draw a poem ...The sketch was surprisingly humorous.
Nathalie's nickname was "la Môme." It was instantaneous. An association, a decision, a drawing, a nickname, everything had come together for this adventure to begin. La Môme de Monac’ took a break for the first time and she let herself be caught in this adventure.
The world of Monac strolls over time, days and seasons. Always cheerful and attractive, between Danghane and Courchevel. She likes to play and sees the charm wherever she wants it to be. She has her philosophy and above all temperament.
La Môme de Monac knows what she wants. 

The charter of La Môme de Monac:

 La Môme de Monac likes to feel in harmony with herself:
  • She differs from the mass production and makes small series to be launched in Morocco.
  • She makes it a point to not have child labor and with respect for gender parity.
  • She finishes all her models by hand, in her workshop.
She uses natural materials:
  • Buttons in wood, bone and pearls...
  • Patterns such as entaga seeds, camel teeth, African jewelry beads ...
As a result the size, color and the details may vary slightly from one item to another. A personal touch
  • The packaging of the articles are biodegradable.

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