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Elizabeth Contal, jewelry designer for 25 years on the French Riviera in Nice, invites you to discover a world where you are the hero. Full of myths and wonders, the space where she welcomes you is above all a place where one aspires to the well-being, to the tranquility of our being.

Today we are pleased to share our knowledge and creativity in a changing world where there is a real need to cling to something real, tangible, safe.


What are we made of? What are our deep motivations?
Art as Culture or History, are only tools for understanding our true nature. By leaning on ourselves, it is on the world where we take a look, go further, it is the path that has chosen Elizabeth Contal, the Stones as Tool of evolution.
It is the work of the stones, true guardians of our earthly heritage, reflections with a thousand colors representing the infinity of sensations that cross us. Today recognized, the Lithotherapy or how to cure with the stones, is found taught in some hospitals and western centers


Personalized jewelry collections that look like you;
A representation of the unique jewelry creations that Elizabeth has been creating for over twenty years with an ever-changing imagination, internships, rock formations, sacred geometry, forgotten knowledge and innovative ideas as well as furniture and crystals from around the world.

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